Friday, February 10, 2006

First Picture

This photo was taken on one of my first sails after quitting my job and starting to get the boat ready for the long passage ahead. The Golden Gate Bridge is a such a symbol for me, both as a gate to the unknown and and a passage to Marin and all the rest of the lovely Northern California counties. Sailing under the bridge always gives you a sense of awe, maybe it is because it is a sense of what you are leaving behind. The San Francisco Bay is such a special place, that even during times of utter despair, you only need to take a few hours walk somewhere along the bay's coastline to feel a feeling of belonging. Yes, I'm a Bayliner (I guess that only works in Berlin)(JFK in Berlin, yes, you got it, right) There is few places in the world where you both have so many unfair layers of society, and still have a sense of compassion wrap tight around the place. I guess it boils down to opportunities that lingers around, the same opportunities that sweeps down Montgomery street in the financial district and creeps around darks corners mid Market St. or dimlit bars anywhere in the city. Maybe I like it because somehow the Bay sweep it all clean, but unfortunately only half of the people can wash themselves clean in the cold sweet water. I don't know what waits outside that Golden Gate, but as life always have a line going forward, I am willing to take the chance. I will always remember the Bay Area, as a place where dreams have an equal chance of surviving. I give my thanks to the people that I leave behind and welcome the people that I bring with me further in my travels and adventures.


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