Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pictures from the boatyard; a study in shapes

I hauled out at Svendsen's Boatyard the week before Håkan came, to put on some new bottompaint and make sure everything was in good order.
Maiken has a flexing propeller to minimize drag, a Maxprop. Her underwater shape makes her balanced and a bit forgiving, which is what a skipper like me needs. Grounding plate for SSB radio and the knotlog.

The forward and downward looking sonar transducer. A lot of things shows up, fish, kelpbeds, and some odd objects once in a while. It works great as long as Håkan leaves it alone, and don't try to put some kind of alarm on, he likes to play with things a bit too much some times.
Look at that shine, courtesy of Awlgrip paint, handrolled 4 years ago. It is the feature on the boat I get most appreciation for, both from onlookers and the occational mermaid


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man that awlgrip looks great indeed. Was it difficult to do?

3:49 AM  

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