Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sailing photos from SF Bay

We have left SF and set sail. I'm at the helm (steering wheel) and I feel fine. The sun is shining and the swells are rocking us. The wind at this point only some 5-10 knots. We are heading for Half Moon Bay.

Soon passing under Golden Gate and entering the Pacific ocean. I bet Fredrik is thinking that we can still turn back to our cozy marina. "It's never too late to give up" to cite one of swedens great philosophers; Ronny Eriksson. But of course in this case all to early.
And this of course is Alcatraz. Pretty close to town. I could easily swim from Alcatraz, having a wetsuite. The water is only some 14 degrees Celcius.

Here at pier 39 the tourist were waving at us. We never went there though. Strictly for tourists according to Fredrik.
Julia, my 17 year old daughter, exchangestudent in the US did San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. So familywise I've got i covered.
Some nice skyscrapers to our left. Above there were four helicopters hovering. Probably from the big news networks. I guess the news about our departure has spread already.


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