Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Almost caught the BIG FISH...

Lat: 7 deg 6' S Long: 136 deg 50' W 18.46 local time May 30 2006

This morning the wind almost died and then changed to north. So we had to gybe for the first time in many days. We've been doing only three to four knots today, but we still hope to arrive Thursday morning. The forecast indicates normal easterly trade winds tomorrow. The only excitement today was the Big Fish. It almost took all line before I could begin to reel it in slow by slow. The reel brake set to near maximum it still began to take line time after time! Fredrik wanted part of the action and after twenty minutes I let him take over for a while. Unfortunately the big one got away. It got off the hook. Perhaps best that way because we can eat only so much and its a waste having to throw so much of it away. It was an exciting fight though. Right now I'm reading Bengt Danielssons book "The happy island" about Raroia, a little island in the Tuamotu archipelago. He went there for the first time as part of the Kon Tiki expedition 1947 and later returned to this remote unexploited island to learn more about it's happy friendly inhabitants. "Aita peapea" is their motto, meaning such is life, don't worry. A good motto I think.
This is the first day I have felt a little bored. I long for a walk, news, a cold beer, the green lush of the tropics, internet, a green salad, meat ... Now it's time to gybe again and to make some dinner before sunset.
We are thankful for all your emails and look forward to everyone of them, so lets get creative out there, and write!


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Blogger John F. Hughes said...

Hej Fredrik and Håkan,

I have been really enjoying your posts of the past few days. The really show how comfortable you two have become at sea, even if Håkan misses his newspaper and the internet. You have really had the beauty of nature and the wonders of the deep as a substitute for the comforts of home. It seems that you have also both learned a lot about yourselves on the passage as well.

What a voyage you have had! Across the mighty Pacific Ocean in a small boat! And tomorrow you will find yourselves in the beautiful Marquesas. You have really accomplished something that most people will never do in their entire lives. We are all happy for you and very proud of your successful voyage.

Best personal regards and best wishes for an enjoyable time ashore - tomorrow!

PS - I hope that you will be posting some photos from your journey on this blog!

8:57 AM  
Blogger LA Söderberg said...

Klar "Hemingwayfeeling" över den berättelsen,Håkan-
I VK idag kan man läsa om en yngling från Tavelsjö som till skillnad mot dig, verkligen gjorde det,fick upp
"krokodilen"alltså-det du-Håkan..!
En gädda på 8,4 kg,112cm-
Ja,ja,ytterligare en att vara "avis"på, dig ska man ju bara tänka på lagom ofta..-och båten ännu inte sjösatt..
.men sopransaxen lät rätt bra idag ,med nytt rör,i Spel Borgens Polska-förkylningen håller på att släppa,så varför klaga..?
P.S jo,förutom vädret då,ca 8´,mulet,som sist,härligt...D.S

1:30 PM  

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