Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another lazy day at sea....

Lat: 7 deg 11.695 N Long: 128 deg 07.446 W 13.30 local time May 20 2006

Only 436 nm to the equator. A couple of hours a go we entered the doldrums and the wind just died so now we are motoring.
Hopefully we will be sailing before evening. The noise from the Yanmar diesel is a little bit annoying when you are used to the soft whisper of the wind and the bubbling sound of water against the boat. But at least we get to recharge our batteries. Tonight we had the first rainfall showering off all the salt from sails and deck. We still have plenty water so we didn't bother gathering rainwater. The temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and we feel rather lazy around noon. But then again cloud and wave watching doesn't take much energy. We try to cool off by pouring seawater over ourself's but it only helps a little while. Water temperature is some 25 degrees. I look forward to crossing the equator and entering the southern hemisphere. The southeast trade winds seams to be a little stronger and very steady. Crossing the line for the first time usually means that you have to do something stupid like shaving your head. Of course Fredrik doesn't have to do that since he has passed the equator before. So far everything has gone well, fair winds most of the time. There have been quite a bit of fixing and trimming to make the best out of Maiken and her gear. We have had good luck fishing. Right now I have no hurry to get Marquesas. In a few minutes we will have "inlagd sill (pickled herring , kn�ckebr�d (crisp rye bread" and potatoes. A god day to U all.


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