Friday, May 26, 2006

I just cut my hair..

Lat: 00 deg 52.533 N Long: 131 deg 38.340 W 18.30 local time May 26 2006

Yet another very sunny day, 34 degrees Celsius in the shadow. Luckily the sun came with a cooling breeze, after the nights dead calm. And as a result of passing the equator I cut my hair which also help to cool off. Once every hour I pour bucket after bucket of, not so cold, but still refreshing, seawater over my by now no longer patchy red but rather evenly tanned body. I have to admit that the high temperature makes me a bit lazy. But we try to do something in addition to the everyday chores each day. Today we started to put the sea anchor together. Some 200 small cones are to be tied to the anchor rope, six lines per cone and two knots per line makes a total of 2400 knots. After an hour I came to feel like Sisyfos and then it was time for the bucket again. Hopefully we will never be in the position to use the sea anchor. But now I have done that little extra for today. And believe me, the sea anchor will provide us with that extra chore for some days to come. Besides chores there are books to read, subjects to be discussed, music to be listened to, waves to be watched, sheets to be tightened, fish to be caught, dreams to dreamed, words to be typed, muscles to be activated, films to watched, calculation to made and minds to be blown. So here I am, fingers on the computer, ears attached to the Ipod and Dave Matthews Band, body rocking and rolling with Maiken, tastebuds awakened by spicy mexican snacks, replying all lovely mails from my family and friends out there. It's nice to get a lot mail :-) and I love U all!
It is now final that Oskar, my 24 year old son, will join us in Tahiti end of June. I'm so glad! We'll be sailing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, smiling, fishing....
As you can see I'm happy! And I don't think it's because crossing Mother Earths waist, the equator. I looked for the line, but nothing! Well, maybe there was a little bump like crossing an intersection. But I can tell you, the gravity is a bit less here. I think I can feel it..


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Margareta Elborgh has sent you a link to a weblog:

Hi Fredrik! Sågs sist på Catharinas bröllop!Veterinären från Skåne så vet Du.
Skrev ut kartan idag. Vilket äventyr!Kan man skicka bilder? ungef. tidsplan?
Hunnit 1/3 till första land-stop?? Linn + Margareta Håller tummar och stortår
för både Majken och Maiken!

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to hear your comments. It feels like I am right there with you and God I wish I was. this is Mary Ann from New York City working in this enormous financial institution. It's not as exciting as where you are at. Keep on sending these lovely and intersting postings and more pictures please. bye for now.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Mary Ann said...

More pictures please from New York City.

8:34 AM  

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