Saturday, May 27, 2006

Maiken dancing saturday night..

Lat 2 deg 45' S Long 133 deg 6' W 29.25 local time May 27 2006

Saturday evening, the end of the third week at sea. Maiken feels this and she is taking liberties. Dancing with Mr SE Trade in a rather wild manor. And Neptune wants to have his say to. Have to admit it almost makes me dizzy when Mr Trade pulls Maiken closer, just to feel Maiken steers away the next moment. Up and down, faster and slower. Maikens slipping and sliding on the rather steep swells on the port quarter doesn't help. Cap Horn has a problem holding her. It's a fast ride though, up to 9 knots, so leave and let be. We've had another fine day with sunshine and good stabile winds. Wednesday next week we will be in Hiva Oa if everything goes according to plans. Last night we saw strong lights five nautical miles to the east. Hardly visible on the radar and no navigation lights, just strong searchlights so it had to be a rather small vessel. A small fishing boat out here?? It felt strange, this sign of civilisation after three weeks of solitude on the waves. We just took down the genua. We started to surf too fast down the swells making it difficult to steer. Now it's back to normal. Five to seven knots with just the mainsail!
Hope everything is fine with all of you out there.
And a special thanks to John Hughes for his enthusiasm and his nice comments on our blog. He's a real sailor!
Thanks for your support John!


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Blogger LA Söderberg said...

Håkan-en kustrapport från kvarken-
vattenståndet i Ratan 27/5 +-0cm
-kanske inte så viktigt för er..
men för 2vv sedan -37cm->svårt att sjösätta "skutan"- men nu är det läge..-annars faktiskt en solig morgon,dagen efter brännbollsyran-jag var,som vanligt, inte där-
utanför fönstret vacklar en och annan bakrusig student hem mot Ålidhem,ackompanjerad av en intensiv lövsångare,till hälften dold i björkens skira grönska-så visst är det vår../L

12:34 AM  

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