Thursday, May 04, 2006

So we went to Oxnard for a couple of days to fix the self steering. We have made almost 700 nm and tested Maiken in rough weather. This afternoon we set sail again for the Marqueses.
There were some traffic along the coast but very few sailboats.
Then came the night with cold air and as the hours went by it became a little chilly. Sure wish that windvane were working. Wind 25 to 30 knots and by early morning we decided to heave to (dreja bi) and Maiken behaved very well, so we could rest for a few hours.
A beautiful sunset while we had our dinner, fresh tortillini and a Caesar salad.
I look happy steering, but in fact we have had some trouble with the wind vane selfsteering. And there was some problem fixing it while sailing, partly due to strong winds.

Here Fredrik makes his last telephone call for one month as we leave Monterey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anna och jag har just tittat på bilderna från er senaste färd verkar häftigt hoppas allt väl
här i Umeå har björkarna börjat slå ut och man kan hoppas på sommar
På jobbet är allt som vanligt

2:44 AM  

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