Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Diving in Fakarava, Te Ava Nui

So, we left the Fakarava behind us, and are currently on the way to Tahiti. We should be arriving some time tomorrow afternoon if the wind stays steady. Oskar's flight comes in early the next day, so we do have a deadline to meet. We had a great time in Fakarava, and I could easily have stayed another week. We were anchored right outside the dive shop, so we tied the dinghy up there. I dove three times with the two very friendly French guys that runs the place, and the last dive was probably the best I ever done. We dove in the big pass, right when the current was about to switch from going into the lagoon to going out, so the current wasn't too strong. It is one thing to be weightless, which by itself is great when you dive, but if you add a 2 knot current and canyons, you really feel like you are flying. At a few spots you position yourself close too the coral to avoid the current and just observe the large amount of sharks and ocean fish that are just circling the area. The sharks come right up to you and there is so many of them, but somehow you feel totally safe. The last dive it was just Mark and me and the two instructors, one was taking photos for a French magazine, since the conditions were so good. If there are some divers reading this, I can just say that you have to go there, after diving in a lot of places in the South Pacific, this is definitely one of the best. The Italian lady Martina stayed with us for the reminder of our stay there, and we had some great times at sunset on the boat. The sunset in a lagoon is just spectacular, and if you mix it with good friends and some cold Hinano or good wine, well, you have a winner.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every morning either the Seaguls or young daughter wakes me up. I guess the Seaguls is as close I can get to your adventure ;-)
Keep up the good work writing.


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