Saturday, June 24, 2006


Maiken is swaying on anchor inside the lagoon of Fakarava, and me and H�kan spent yesterday snorkeling and appreciating the beauty of the atoll. Later on today we are scheduled to go diving on the reef outside the pass, and hopefully do a drift dive in the pass tomorrow. There is only a handful other boats here a three of them is Norwegians. Everybody have telling us about their fantastic diving experiences, so we are really looking forward to this afternoon. The drift dive is a fairly technical dive, and since neither H�kan or myself have been diving that much the last few years, we thought it would be better to start of with a easier dive. We have kind of teamed up with a young Swiss guy by the name of Mark, who is sailing on a British boat. Nice guy, and it is always more fun to have more people along when snorkeling or diving. By chance we also ran into a young Italian lady by the name of Martina, who is staying for a week on the atoll. She swims out to our boat and hangs out or go snorkeling with us, a fun loving woman who spent last night on Maiken, and swam back ashore in the morning. Most boats in the anchorage is monitoring the weather closely, as everyone wants to time their next passage when there is wind but without too much ocean swells. The French radio warned about dangerous swells today in the southern Tuamotus, and the wind is supposed to die out in the next few days, so you really have to find a window when the compromise between swell and wind is okey. Fakarava is very laid back and the people very friendly and there seems to be a lot of kids around. The women are more beautiful here than in the Marquesas, and people cycle everywhere. We will probably be here until Sunday or Monday, when we sail on to Tahiti.

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