Saturday, June 03, 2006

First day in paradise

Today was a good day, both for Maiken and the crew. We stayed anchored in Hanamenu Bay, and after a night with some rain showers, the air became very pleasant. I took my mattress out on deck and slept like a kid, until the first sprinkles came. Today, we made the transition from voyage mode to "tropical island exploring" mode, out with the dive gear, sun awnings, and insect screens. Back into storage went the foul weather gear, and blankets. I really needed this day, just kicking back with a big breakfast, lunch and a leisure dinner, enjoying the company of H�kan, the nice weather, and beautiful scenery. Tomorrow, we will do a few repair and cleaning duties, and maybe go swimming in the clear freshwater pond that is located ashore. The Polynesian family that spent the night here gave us recognition for flying the French Polynesia flag over the French flag, something that most people don't do, but I think it is important to recognize not only the colonial power but also the native population. Cooking dinner tonight, some great wahoo fillets and scalloped potatoes. We will post pictures as soon as we can, most likely in Nuku Hiva, which is the next island after Hiva Oa. The "town" in Nuku Hiva is the biggest in the Marquesas and we have been told that internet is available. We have not seen any other Swedish boat so far, but we did see a Norwegian and a Danish boat. Mostly it has been Australian and British boat so far.

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