Saturday, June 03, 2006

We are sailing to Philadelphia...

Lat; 9 deg 45' Long; 139 deg 8' 20.11 local time June 3 AD 2006

No, just kidding. It's just Mark Knopfler and James Taylor inspiring. We are still in Hanamenu bay at Hiva Oa. Heavy rain last night, water in the bay all brown due to sediment from the Grand Canyon look alike cliffs surrounding us. The local with his beautiful wife and family left today. But two yacht joined us in the bay and one them offered us Wahoo filet's so dinners is all set. Not much happening here today, except for the horses running along the beach. Horses belonging to the old Frenchman living here solo in the bay. There's a little coconut plantage here as well. We have not left the yacht at all today. All fixing and mending. Adjusting to the warm friendly surroundings. Stuffed away are the foul weather gear and warm clothes. Out in the open svimwear and diving equipment.
Preparing for Oskars arrival. Trying to keep the No No's (small, almost invisible mosquitos) out. Not that they seem to be a big problem. But mosquitos are vectors for such evils as Dengue fever and Filariasis, so it feels better to be safe. 2001 there was a Dengue fever epidemic in French Polynesia but they seem to have it under control now. Right now Fredrik's preparing dinner while I'm writing this message to You, sitting outside in the dark with a small light over the laptop. The "off land" breeze is cool and there's soft music from the loudspeakers. Rum punch in my glass so I can't complain. Now (one hour later) we've had dinner, grilled Wahoo and scalloped potatoes. One of the best meals I ever had. I feel completely satisfied. Hope You do to. I love You all out there!! May the sun shine on You and may Your dreams come true!!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fredrik,
Glad to see all is well. What is the best way to contact you, by using this comment block, or by sailmail email? What is your boat's marine call sign?
Bruce and Bridget, S/V SOJOURN

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, just found your blog when checking for active volcanic activity. A floating pumice shelf .. who would have ever thought?! Thanks for sharing your travel journal and photos. Absolutely loving it and its lends a brief respite from an otherwise mundane life ... I think I need a new adventure. I presume you already traveled to Philadelphia? If not, look us up for a land tour and/or homecooked meal.

Jane and Bob
Villanova, PA

7:45 AM  

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