Friday, June 02, 2006

We have arrived in French Polynesia

09deg.45.946S 139deg08.399W 19:45L
Maiken is anchored in Hanamenu Bay in Hiva Oa. We arrived in Hiva Oa, after having slowed the boat down for an early morning arrival. The bay next to Atuona, where you are supposed to check in was crowded with boats flying their yellow Q flag, waiting to check in. There wasn't that big number of boat, maybe 10, but it is a small bay and everybody has to anchor with bow and stern anchors, which makes it crowded. We spent a leisure afternoon in Atuona, which is a one road village with roasters and dogs outnumbering the people tenfolds. We sampled the excellent Tahitian beer Hinano, enjoyed some fresh bread, and had some good conversations with some locals. Later that evening, we were forced to put out a new stern anchor, since somehow we lost a pin in a shackle or likewise, probably from the fact that another boat leaving brought up our stern anchor with their bow anchor when they were leaving earlier in the day. It made it an uneasy night for us, and when I woke up I just wanted to check us in and move over to a more secluded place. Well, the gendarmerie couldn't be more pleasant, and we cleared into the country easy. Some other boats had a more difficult time checking in, but since we both have Swedish passports and the boat is under Swedish flag, we got away easy. We left shortly thereafter, and after a beautiful sail, came to rest in Hanemenu Bay. We are the only boat here, except for a Polynesian family on a small fishing boat. This is what I like, a beautiful backdrop and uncrowded. The radio is not working as good now when we are anchored around the Marquesas, since the islands are very tall and the reception sometimes can be tricky. So, our updates might miss a few days, but we will try send as often as we can. Tonight we just relaxed, ate beautiful baguette sandwiches with grilled fresh wahoo (a great fish given to us by another cruiser that just sailed in from the Galapagos Island, 17 days - that's fast), some bruschetta, eggs, and some spice mayo. Life does have its perfect moments, and a cold Hinano can make that moment even better.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn...I really envy you guys ;-)

Ser att även den lokala tidningen Hallandskomposten har hittat er.

Fan Fredrik, hela ditt liv efter gymnasiet är ju en story i sig :-)

Fortsätt skriva, läser med spänning.

/Pappalediga Manne

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
Pappa lediga Mannes Storebror

1:29 PM  

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