Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I am all alone....

So, yesterday H�kan left to go back to family, job, and responsibilities. It's after all those things that make up life, you can't just roll on the waves forever. I will also be back on land soon, but first I hope to continue the saga that H�kan and me started. I felt a bit melancholy, sitting alone last night looking at the stars slowly sipping a Fiji Bitter. You get so used to have another person close at all times on the boat. Well, I got a long list of boat stuff that I would like to have completed before Jenny Blake comes, and there is after all a bar on a sandy island just a couple of minutes away, filled with fellow yachties that are starting to remember my face. I must add that although me and H�kan had a few moments when we didn't get along, it pretty amazing how easy it was to share a such a small surface that Maiken provides.

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Blogger John F. Hughes said...


I saw Ed on RETREAT today and he says "Thanks for the card. You kept your promise."

Hope that you are well and happy and that your voyage will continue to be a great success.

Best regards,

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