Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lazy sunday..

Neiafi August 6 2006

We're still in Neiafu relaxing. Today the churches are crowded. We saw people standing outside by the door and windows. Beautiful singing inside.
Almost everything is closed down, even the ATM machine is unavailable today. Luckily the Yacht club's restaurant is open so here we sit enjoying our breakfast, reading and writing. Yesterday we had breakfast at the Aquarium where they also have internet access at a reasonable price. The Aquarium was started by Ben and Lisa a couple of years ago. The moved from San Francisco and live here on their boat. You can buy land and start your own business without a local partner here now. At the shore there is a large new construction site and estate prices have gone way up the past few years. Neiafu is a great place to have your yacht stationed, the bay is almost completely landlocked and from here you can easily reach large parts of the south pacific.
Yesterday a Humback whale was swimming here in the bay among the yachts, and tomorrow we are scheduled to swim with the Humpback whales. I hope Fredrik has recovered from his hip ailment by then. Well that's all for now folks!



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Blogger LA Söderberg said...

Håkan,son,didn't you attend the morning
service in the church??
You could have been one of the lead singers in the choir../L
P.S Seems that you guys is floating in a paradise of Hump Back Whales and Steinlager..

9:00 AM  

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