Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life at Musket Cove

I just came back from the island bar, and since I don't have anybody else onboard to talk to right now, I guess I will have to include all of you with my thoughts. This is kind of a weird place, at the bar this evening at sunset you had the local yachties (mostly Australians) many with their kids (Australians like big families, many have three kids (much like the family that I grew up in)), the BBQ were going and the Fiji Bitters were ordered in plenty. At the same bar on this little sandy spot you had the Chemical Brothers ( a Big musical group, even though I am not a fan I know it is a Big group, yes that is with a big "B". Julia Roberts is spending her time at the island next to us, so is Kelly Slater (Big time surfer) (No, I don't think they are together, and I don't want to start any rumors)). Today I had a good working day on the boat, a salty environment causes of course a bit of work to make things look like they where painted yesterday, but I had a good day, so now Maiken looks sparkling (at least in a few spot, I will get to the other spots tomorrow). If my dear uncle H�kan ever starts a blog (which I think he should) about his daily life and thoughts, he should know that he will have at least one regular reader. This morning I only had to make one pot of coffee, which meant that there was only one person onboard. Ok, there is definitely good parts of having the whole boat to myself again. Yesterday night I watched the Godfather (cheap illegal copies from Suva), and I just had to make a plate of pasta after the wedding scene, that stuff is easier when you are just one (although I think H�kan would have loved the pasta with garlic, pesto, and some Thai green curry). Now I just have to send this, because as you know there is three parts to the Godfather.

Take care,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just few bullet points: are at Musket Cove not in Tasmania during the convicts time!!!'ll have only two weeks to enjoy your "own self"
3. you don't mix thai green curry with pesto and pasta!
4. Get yourself together otherwise, as the Padrino would say, "I'll break your face!"

un bacio e take care,

2:14 AM  

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