Thursday, August 24, 2006

Musket Cove, Fiji

We arrived in Musket Cove yesterday after an uneventful sail from Suva. This place is very popular with yachties and in two weeks it is the yearly Regatta, which is one of the big events among yachties in South Pacific each year. I will be here for two weeks while H�kan is leaving and Jenny Blake comes. The yacht club here has good facilities and it would probably be easy to spend a month here just relaxing, diving, and BBQ and beer in the evening. The weather is a lot dryer than in Suva, which feels good since we had our fair share of rain while we were there. Today it is beautiful weather and with cool evenings, swinging on a mooring, life doesn't get much better. While in Suva, we had one crazy night in a sauna tent on the front lawn of Royal Suva Yacht club, we all tried to be hide our naked bodies as much as we could, but it is hard to take a sauna fully dressed which is was what the club would have preferred. We also had the experience of taking part in the judging of the beauty pageant "Hibiscus Queen". We just wanted to take a peek on the nice looking ladies, but ended up sitting on the front table. With the contestants looking at us (the only Caucasians there) like we were part of the show, representing some kind of modeling agency. We even got lunch and beer after. The market in Suva is great, great variety of fruit and vegetables to cheap prices. On the second floor you have the "grog" stores, which sells kava in all forms. I had to buy some good packages (the bigger and longer the root the better), since it is still custom to present Yaqona (Kava) to the chief in the village of the islands that you visiting. Well it is time to go, we are scheduled to go diving this afternoon.

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