Thursday, August 31, 2006

Musket Cove news

Ok, I figured out how to get everybody to email me, just mention that you feel a bit lonely and people begin to write. It's great, love to read those emails. Well, here everybody is getting ready for the Regatta that starts end of next week, they have been asking me to stay and participate. I would be the only Swedish boat, but there is a whole other island group waiting, so I will slip my mooring lines the day before the start of the regatta. I started the day with making a bet with myself that I could dive from deck and swim under the keel in one go. I made it on the first try, but I got a green head and hands from the bottom paint. It was worth it I guess. It has been a bit windy yesterday and today, and that just makes me appreciate my windgenerator so much. Maiken has more energy in her batteries now then we had when we arrived a week ago, and that is while still using everything aboard daily. Need to go, dinner for one waiting (yes, still a bit lonely, so keep those emails coming).

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