Sunday, August 20, 2006

Time for Sauna...

Suva August 21 2006

When we woke up yesterday morning a small yacht flying the Swedish flag were anchoring next to us, the yacht Sally blue. As we suspected it was the three youngsters from my county V�sterbotten in Sweden, that had arrived to Suva. On their 27 foot Vega they sailed from Ume� September last year. Their plan is to circumnavigate and if everything goes well they'll be home in Sweden next summer. We had a really nice evening together yesterday. Today we've been shopping handicraft. Fredrik is obsessed with walking sticks, he bought four more today. The Finnish yacht Linda have also arrived here and they're setting up a Sauna tent here on the shore so I will have my first sauna in five months. I really look forward to that. One must admit that the Finnish stick to their traditions.
The passage from Tonga to Fiji was my last, I'm leaving Fredrik and Maiken next week. We have done nearly 8000 nautical miles together, equivalent to 17000 kilometers or almost half way around the Earth. I must say that I do long for my children but otherwise I think I could continue for another 8000 miles. There is a lot to see and experience, and voyaging by yacht is a fine way to discover this great planet that is our home.
Tomorrow we will sail to Mamanuca islands just east of Viti Levu and hopefully do some good diving.

Take care out there


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Blogger John F. Hughes said...

Fredrik and Håkan,

I have just returned from Asia and caught up with your Blog. The photos of the birth of an island and the incredible pumice sea were amazing. You have been so fortunate to see things with your own eyes that most people cannot even dream of. What a voyage you are having!

Håkan, we blog-readers will really miss your daily account of the voyage. You have done a wonderful job of taking all of us along with you for the journey of a lifetime. Thank you so much for your good efforts and especially for writing so much in English, for us mono-linguists. I wish you a safe trip home, a warm welcome from your family and friends, and many years of happy memories of this time.

Fredrik, keep up the good work and try not to miss Håkan too much.

Best personal regards to you both,

9:41 AM  

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