Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another great day in Yalobi Bay

Today was almost an hectic day. After a very calm night and a beautiful morning with a swim around the neighborhood, it was time for a walk to the top of the island with the couple from the Canadian boat next to us. Simi lead the way up from the village, as he was going to pick up some cassava from his plantation anyway. Halfway up the hill, he cut away a palm tree branch that he carried along until he found a shaded spot under a mango tree where he easily whipped it into a basket for his cassava roots. Halfway up the mountain, he left us to ourself and it didn't take long until we were lost and had to give up the hope of reaching the summit. It was all good, eating our lunch under a mango tree overlooking the bay and reefs before beginning the trek down. When we entered the village, a women with her young sons invited us to put out our thirst with a green coconut from her garden, life is good. The afternoon was filled with swims and snorkeling around the reefs. Tomorrow is Sunday, and of course both me and Jenny will attend church in our Sunday best. Right now I am laying in the hammock while Jenny is cooking dinner, chicken, string beans, and cassava. The sun has gone down and on the beach you can hear the kids playing, and once in awhile you will hear the fish jumping around the boat. I would be very happy living this life for awhile.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Fredrik and Jenny
Hello and love from NOva Scotia!! We are gathering around the computer with Kelly and Helene after Blueberry Pie and sending some good vibes your way!!
Took PaPa out sailing today -AWESOME!!
We have found your blogs most entertaining and look forward to further entries! We are with you in spirit and dreaming about the Pacific ourselves!!
lots of love Sally, Helene, Dorian and Kell
PS No sign of the baby yet, but any day now!!

5:38 PM  

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