Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to Musket Cove

OK if you're in choppy sea - don't watch DVD's indoors - it is the equivalent of reading in the back seat of the car on a windy road. As Freddie was handing me the sea sickness patch to put behind my ear, he told me that it was skin coloured. Comfort indeed to know that it wasn't clashing with my oh so coordinated wardrobe.

It was a rolling night, the patch worked and it rained. We left early this morning and are now back in Musket Cove for a couple of days before doing the final stock up for the passage to Australia. We came in in a squall this morning but managed to moor despite the elements.

Freddie's kicking back watching Seinfeld, all is quiet and we'll be heading ashore shortly for dinner.



Talk about careful planning, we left the day before the beginning of the Regatta, and we come back on the day of the finale. Tonight is the party, and of course me and Jenny will be there even though we didn't do the Regatta. It feels good with a warm shower and a cold beer after a week of being depraved of them.

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