Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 9

25deg.57.321S 157deg.13.097E

How can you celebrate a birthday on day 9 of a passage? Day 9 where the only fresh food consists of cabbage, onion and a yellow cucumber.

First off get the cruise director to order up calm seas and friendly breezes (tick).

Then relax the stringent - no running refrigeration just for drinks rule.

Then have a cake baked.

Then be allowed a freshwater shower (SHEER MADNESS)

And THEN have chilled champagne served on the forward deck in an icebucket filled with cool seawater.

What a lovely birthday. And guess what the cabbage and onion mixed with tinned cornbeef and packet mash potatoes was fantastic too.

We know we're getting closer to Australia because Maiken is now shadowed by about 10 brown birds (sorry Mum I have no idea what they are).

The wind has died today (day 10) and we are motoring (and hand steering)and hoping that we'll be able to make it to Brisbane by Saturday (it is touch and go). If we don't make it to the waypoint in time then we'll have to do the boating equivalent of a holding pattern for 20 hours.


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Blogger EVK4 said...

nice...and I'm sure you know that cold saltwater chills a drink faster than ice.

happy birthday.

2:49 PM  

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