Monday, September 04, 2006

Enter stage left

Having been reading this blog for 5 months, it is strange to suddenly be in it. Hakan will probably be having the same feelings about reading it. So Yacht Maiken now has an Australian aboard. For a while there I wasn't sure if I would make it. The flight over was uneventful. The transfer out to the island also went smoothly - in a plane so tiny it felt like being in a car with altitude. Freddie wasn't there to meet me though and that was because they'd brought me to the wrong island. By the time I made it back to the airstrip from the resort, the plane had returned to Nadi to get my luggage. Me, my luggage and Freddie, all on different islands. What I'm most amazed about is that we all managed to meet in the end. While I waited for the plane to return, I was taken on a tour round Mana Island. Then it was another flight to Malololai - my bag was in the back of the plane and Freddie was there waiting (he was told there was a delay with the plane).

I haven't sailed for 8 years and when I did it was on a 70 foot boat. I was wondering how I'd go in a smaller boat. It's all about ratios in the end. The Tree of Life was 70 foot with 7 people - that's 10 feet each. Maiken is 36 feet with two people. 18 feet each - luxury (but without the ice maker Kelly - so not true luxury).

Three reasons why I know I'm not in Melbourne any more:
1. You get wet going to the bar
2. We decide on the day of the week. Last night we decided that we probably really needed a second Sunday, so today was Sunday all day. Tomorrow is going to be Wednesday. I don't know what Wednesday will mean but it probably won't mean a 9am meeting in the cafe with the ecommerce team.
3. When you go to the head your feet don't touch the ground and you have to brace yourself on the opposite wall.

On a final note - to my mother's sewing circle, luckily ladies, despite your surmising, so far it looks like Freddie isn't inclined to keep me in a locked cupboard. Happy quilting.


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Blogger Treen said...

Hey Jen & Freddie,

Already I am laughing. At least it was only a short flight to the wrong island. Jen it reminds me of a certain express train ride in spain, only there was no getting off for a very long time. Hope every day is a Sunday and Wednesday.

The only news over here is that Steve Irwin (Croc hunter man) was killed in a freak diving accident. A stingray barb went into his heart and killed him while filming a doco. So word of advice is go easy on the stingrays.

Love Treen

4:49 PM  
Blogger John F. Hughes said...

Dear Jenny Blake,

Welcome aboard! You have a really tough act to follow in blog-writing, but your first post shows that you are probably up to the task. Keep up the good work.

We are all glad that you are now on board, since it will keep Fredrik from being so lonely! We really felt bad for him.

I hope that you and Fredrik will have a voyage as good and exciting as the first five months was.

Best regards to you both,

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jen and Fredrik,

Great to hear you made it eventually Jen-and the wrong island fiasco was priceless in light of your well organised itinerary .
Great work on the blog so far fredrik -keep up the good work. Hope you've clocked up your 48 hrs sleep in 2 days Jen.
Ciao John

7:09 AM  

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