Monday, September 18, 2006

Fiji off the port bow

17deg.55.294S 177deg.03.567E

Captain Freddie is too busy stuffing his face with banana (and steering) to write but in between mouthfulls he says that he hoped you enjoyed the pictures.

The hanging baskets are full of fruit and vegetables, the fridge has been turned on (meat beer chocolate) and the dinghy has been stowed below (with the hammock).

We left Lautoka this afternoon when the dinghy finally ran out of fuel (it needed to be empty because it will be in storage for a while). This took a while - over three hours but it has ended up ok because we now have the tide working with us and we are romping our way southwest.

The stay in Lautoka was better than expected - we anchored across the bay near a very low key resort. The swimming was good, so were the deck chairs by the pool with a cold beer. There won't be much of that in the next couple of weeks so we made the most of it.


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manden las fotos de la nueva isla

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