Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Life on the Ocean

20deg.47.823S 171deg.19.193E

Well it doesn't take long for the thin veneer of civilization to be stripped away. No lying in the hammock sipping sunset drinks anymore. Freddie's getting quite a beard and is wearing a blueberry stained singlet. I'm sporting some spectacular bruises and have been in the same clothes for 3 days. I'm now pretty much over the seasickness of the first night (if you are going to throw up - throw up at night on a yacht, there is a quite spectacular phosphorescence display).

We were trying to work out how many days we had been at sea and the only way we could do it was by working out what we'd eaten - Monday - macaroni cheese out of a packet (here you go fishies), Tuesday lamb and salad (much calmer seas), Wednesday a tomato. Wednesday was quite a weird day which started off with no wind, so we motored and then moved into 20 knot winds with gusts up to 30. Before it got dark we took down all the fore sails and put a 3rd reef in the main. We don't have to steer - there is a piece of magic installed which does all that for us. We still have to check every half hour to make sure that there are no boats (since the first night we haven't seen any).

Mostly I've been sleeping and reading, although it feels like I'm on some sort of rollercoaster ride when I'm up in the forward cabin and if you do something stupid like sitting up in bed, the bookshelves are likely to break your fall as you hurtle portside. Bumped my head. The boat is handling the swell really well, we've got the sails set so she doesn't go too fast and we're pretty comfortable (although I'd love to be able to order in some Thai food).

Looking forward to some 15 knot winds and a shower on deck. Until then I'll remain the filthy sea dog that I am.


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