Friday, September 15, 2006

Regatta party

Yesterday night it was the big final party of the Regatta, and me and Jenny sneaked in and had free drinks, good company, and good entertainment. There was this kid from Samoa that juggled fire like it was confetti, it was just one complete fireball. Today a lot of boats moved on, leaving for Vanuatu or trips around the island chain. Me and Jenny just hung out finishing small projects, enjoying life, and swimming of course.

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Things I've learned -

1. The boat Clark Gable has been named that after Gone With the Wind. Why didn't I figure that out!
2. That there is an engine living under the big step in the galley and the big step in the galley all pulls apart to reveal it. Like magic. Get that dirty engine out of my kitchen. There was an oil dipstick and I checked the oil and Freddie started to explain how until I gave him a quelling look. Occasionally the crew has to assert them self.
3. Before going on a long passage it is essential to calorie load, so we're doing a buffet a day and approaching them as a marathon.


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Blogger John F. Hughes said...

Fred & Jenny B,

The blog is great. It's almost like being there with you. BUT, it's time for some pictures. It's been too long without a peek into life in the South Pacific.

Hope that you are both well and happy and that the next leg of your voyage goes as smoothly as the previous legs have.

Best regards,

8:28 AM  

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