Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday, day of peace?

If you write the blog, you get the hammock. Hammocks and boats are the perfect combination - guaranteed rocking at all times. Computers on hammocks on boats somehow seems a bit decadent. If work would just send me a laptop I'd be prepared to do all the web reporting from on deck. I'd just be away an extra month.

It was church in the village this morning. Beautiful singing. Naturally we couldn't understand any of the ceremony, but gifted linguist that I am, I figured out that ameni translates to amen. I can also count to 5, so I'm really moving along. I spent most the time watching the kids. You know what - 9 year old elder sisters RULE. I can imagine some 9 year old friends of mine having an excellent time here. Every 9 year old girl seems to be in charge of an 18 month - 2 year old. They carry them, take them outside if they're being too restless and generally keep things on track.

We saw our young friend Pauline. She's about 3 and is the daughter of Tomasini (he performed the kava ceremony we went to a couple of nights ago). When Pauline walked in to the kava ceremony she was made to go round and say bula and shake hands with all the guests. As a 3 year old she was a little shy but looking at all the other kids in the village, that wears off pretty quickly. They are all so friendly and we have loads of helpers with getting our dinghy launched each time we come home from shore.

Freddie was very worried after the last blog, that his family would think that I was doing all the cooking while he lay around. I'll just set the record straight. Last night was the first time I cooked in the week I've been on the boat.

Sundays are not the days of rest they used to be - after an afternoon nap the cruise director insisted we take a dinghy trip to go snorkelling, then it was back for banana chocolate cake, then it was waving at all the new yacht arrivals (the rule is that Freddie spends his time keeping an eye on the horizon for any new boats but he doesn't wave - that's my job). In a moment now it is going to be sunset drinks, then dinner, then deciding what DVD to watch. When will I get time to relax?


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