Monday, September 11, 2006

We conqured the mountain today

What a start of the day, a climb up to one of the peaks around the bay that we are anchored in. Fairly easy, as it has a face consisting of volcanic rock and low brush. The view was spectacular, and the swim after even more so. We have gained quite the reputation of spending most of our time in the water, we do at least five good long swims a day. Often we have to circumnavigate something, most of the time an anchored boat. It is hard to understand why most people on the other yachts don't do the same, as the water is lovely and the air hot. The people in the village seem to have a nice compromise between work and just enjoying the moment with their family, you often see parents just relaxing playing with their kids in the middle of the day. This village was one of the few that were spared from the measles epidemic that swept the Fijian islands about a hundred years ago, they are to this day very proud of that. Well, the last rays of the sun is disappearing behind the hills, and it is time to have some kind of drink before it is time for dinner.

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I'm just going to take issue with the words "fairly easy" for that mountain climb with no track. It was unrelenting. Straight up - with the loss of about 1 litre of sweat for every 100 metres climbed and we were almost thwarted at the end with a SPIDER INFESTED JUNGLE. Once I had forged a way through, Freddie took the lead up a cliff that was not possible for me to follow up (he is freakishly tall) and I had to find an alternate route. Anyway I say enough about measles epidemics in the village 100 years ago. I almost died TODAY and it was only swims 3 & 4 that saved me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jen and Fredrik,Have enjoyed the vicarious holiday so far. Good to hear you are keeping up your religious observances Jen!In contrast, I have been cheering on the demons' victory over the saints in the first of the footy finals-yep we won.
Anyway, keep up the good work with all those sunset drinks and idyllic swims. Ciao John

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