Friday, September 22, 2006

What a swell party this is

22deg.43.439S 168deg.18.275E

Well not quite a party but definitely a swell.

We're operating in our very own time zone. Yesterday we watched a breakfast movie and had chicken and mashed potato out of a packet (it tasted soooo good) and split a beer - and all by 9am. Happily I can tell you that we've cleaned up our act since the last post, the wind dropped away a bit, the sun came out and so it was time for a saltwater shower (dangle a canvas bucket overboard, wait for the swell to push you over that bit further and then bring heavy bucket back on board - oh and make sure you have a hold of something while you're doing this or else you'll fall overboard and be LOST). I think that I have potential to improve my style but I got there in the end. And that was the last of the good times - the wind got up again, big crunchy swell that keeps breaking over us. It's like being in a car wash and on some sort of amusement park ride at the same time. Anyway Maiken just keeps bobbing along. We had a tomato for dinner (we're almost out of tomatoes so it might be raw cabbage tonight).

Despite the crappy conditions we're going along ok - reading lots, watching movies, occasionally we even talk (mostly about what food we'll eat when we get to Brissy).



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