Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On the "road" again...

Lat; 14deg22.501 N long; 128deg18.113 W 0413 local time May 17 2006

At 38 minutes past two the night before the wind came back with full strength just like that, and we have had 15 knots from the east since then.
It feels great to do 7 knots instead of two to three. We still have 1700 nm left, so speed makes a difference even if sailing is more about the journey itself and not primarily about getting to the destination. This morning we caught our second tuna, bigger this time, about 5 kilogram. So for lunch we had homemade sushi; nigri and sashimi. Delicious! My son Oskar has taught me how to do sushi "the right way", he's very into Japan. And then for dinner grilled tuna in two different marinades served with lime aioli and cocked potatoes. I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of tuna on the menu the coming days. At least we don't have to resort to canned fish. I hope we catch a Mahi Mahi some day soon. Well enough about our diet.
I'm beginning to get hang of the celestial navigation. By just establishing the time for your local noon and the suns altitude at that point you are actually able to tell your position! I got pretty close to the GPS reading the other day. There is a problem using the sun at days with overcast though, and navigating by clouds haven't been fully looked into. But seriously, weather is interesting. A couple of days ago the weather fax forecast stated "possible tropical cyclone" west of Mexico not far from our position. That made the weather extremely interesting until next forecast. By then the alert was gone.
Tonight it's cloudy but instead of stars you can look at the phosphorous light in the water. They are bright spots glowing in the water near the boat, like stars. Fascinating! But you can't navigate by them either. It's been a week since we saw a boat. But we don't feel alone. There's some birds flying around out here and the other night I saw, or mostly heard, a whale. Flyfish is legio. So you see, all is well onboard Maiken. May the sun shine on all of you out there.
Bye. H�kan.

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