Friday, May 12, 2006

Sail without wind..

Lat 20 deg 47161N long 127 deg 30.987W 2000 hour May 12 2006
Last night we "ran out of wind". The sea was completely calm and it wasn't a nice experience. Without wind Maiken rocked from side to side more than ever. I had a hard time sleeping,even though I usually sleep like a child onboard. In Sweden the Pacific ocean is called "Stilla havet" meaning the Calm Sea. Perhaps our Swedish ancestors had some insight into the matter. Today we have light breeze and sunny. I lost my shadow completely at noon today. We have passed south of 23,5 degrees. Very nice to sail slowly like this. Almost no swells. Fredrick and I had homemade pizza and a glass of vine during sunset. It's funny but the boat really feels like home, and when I look out I immediately recognize my surroundings. Blue water every where, very safe, soothing and familiar. You don't get the impression of being on a large ocean, of course sight is limited to 5 kilometers, but you get the feeling of really knowing your backyard.
I very much hope that my beloved son Oskar have the opportunity to join us in Tahiti for some fine sailing, snorkeling and just enjoying life.
Now Fredrik is waiting with blue Castello cheese and crackers. Got to go folks. See Ya!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Håkan! Spännande att läsa om dina äventyr.. Du är en riktig viking. Vart är ni nu? Jag är imponerad av er mod och er vilja att besegra havet och naturens krafter! Jag hoppas också att vi ses i september. Sköt om dig!! kramar Bogumila

9:09 AM  
Blogger John F. Hughes said...

Hej Håkan and Fred,

You guys are doing a great job on your blog. It is coming out very nice indeed.

I have been passing the news from your blog along to all of the other old guys at the Brisbane Marina. Everyone sends their best regards and hopes that you find the NE Trades soon.

Best personal regards,

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fredrik,
This blog is the best! We love being able to share in your lazy excitement as the sea gets bluer. It brings back so many memories. Helene is now committed more than ever to make the crossing. She'll have to do that on PAPA, John and Dorian's schooner.
Thanks for letting us share the voyage. Kelly and Helene

1:14 AM  

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