Monday, May 08, 2006

Sailing along in the dark night

27deg30.593N 123deg29.620W May 8th 00:45

The moon just peak out between the clouds and startled me a bit. The night gets really dark when the clouds hide behind the moon and stars, and the only light you have is the tricolor navigation light at the top of the mast. I have the 22:00 to 02:00 watch now, we have decided on a watch schedule that divides the day and night as follows: 0600-1200, 1200-1800, 1800-2200, 2200-0200, and 0200-0600. Since we don't really steer the boat (the Cap Horn self steerer is doing that job), what we do on our watch is pretty much that person's choice, as long as we keep some kind of lookout. Our life sailing along has been almost too good the last few days. Good wind, fast sailing, good food, and even a DVD movie in the evenings (saw Crash last night). It takes a few days to really get used to rhythm of the watch schedule and the constant movement of the boat, but it has been going surprisingly smooth. H�kan has discovered the magic of the Ipod, so now you can find him swinging along with the white headphones popping out of his ears. The weather has been mostly overcast, but as we are sailing almost due South, you can feel a slight warming trend in the air. We have had a good salad accompanying every meal since we started, as the salad is the first that goes bad of the vegetables. If we keep on eating snacks like we do, there will be some expansion issues in the midsection to be concerned about. We have started to fish, although we had a bit of bad luck loosing the first set of lures as it snapped off even before we were properly setup. Don't know if it was a fish that was just a bit too eager, or a snafu on our end.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Fredrik och Håkan!
Kul att höra att allt är bra, vi tänker på er.

1:55 PM  

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