Thursday, May 11, 2006

Slowly drifting forward under a moonlit night

23deg24.740N 127deg11.971W 22:06L
It is just after 2200 and we are drifting along with only the drifter sheeted back to the winged out main boom. Very little wind, maybe 5, 6 knots from the North. With this setup, we are at least doing some headway dead down wind, which is where we want to go. We had some NE winds earlier, which is what we want, and hope to get more of later. The sun is getting warmer and we starting to spend more and more time outside. We had another fish on today, but it slipped away. H�kan is really getting into the celestial stuff, going around counting out the precise time and cursing all the calculations. My plan is just to wait until he perfected it and then let him explain it and show me the way it is supposed to be done. Maiken slides forward without much effort, which surprises me a bit since she is heavily loaded with all the water, fuel, and supplies. We had to use the engine to charge the batteries today, which I don't really like, but since we have had fairly light winds lately and a bit overcast sky, the solar panel and wind generator can't keep up with our demands. We sat outside while the sun set, and had a philosophical discussion about how absurdly civilized our existence is out here on a small boat far away from any coast. We eat well, read good books, sleep, and do small chores to improve the boat. I am finally starting to get into the habit of actually just stop what I am doing if I feel like it, and sit down and read for a while or just sit and relax, there is always time to get back to whatever I was doing later in the day.

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