Thursday, May 18, 2006

Two weeks at sea

12deg15.828N 128deg14.674W 04:20L

The miles keeps on adding up on the GPS, and today it will be two weeks since we left southern California. The days kind of run into one and another, and it is the small tasks that needs attention, the culinary attraction of the day, the ever changing sky, the interaction of the sea life around you, and the personal contact between H�kan and me, that shapes the day. I woke this morning with a beautiful thought of a certain marine biologist in Monterey, whom I had the fortune to meet briefly during our visit there (how did the knee surgery go?, please send me a line ""). The fact that we can email family and friends has been a pleasant addition to the trip, both for them and us (I hope). It is warm enough now to just have a pair of swim trunks on even during the night. The feeling of standing outside at night, swaying along with the rhythm of the boat with a warm breeze on your skin is heaven.


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