Sunday, May 14, 2006

The wind is back, for now at least.

19deg06.033N 127deg40.661W 23:14L May 13
We are slicing our way through the moonlit night in an easterly breezy, steering south. I hope that we will be able to keep the wind we have now, since we are starting to get tired of the light to non-existing winds that we have had lately. We had the last of our fresh meats today, a nice pork loin on the BBQ. That means from now on, we will have to dig into our cans and bags for dinner highlights. I have started to read all the books that I stashed away for the trip, just finished the Da Vinci Code (yes, I know that I am way behind). I saw the first flock of flying fish today (maybe you don't actually call it a flock, but they were airborne at the time), I have been telling H�kan about how they used to land on the deck of the schooner I used to sail on, the Tree of Life. We eat a lot of eggs, as we had the fortune to be able to buy 100 of them from a farmer that actually went out and picked them while I was there. The trick is to get eggs that haven't been refrigerated or washed, as they tend to keep a lot longer.


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Blogger LA Söderberg said...

Här blåser kalla vårvindar,kan jag intyga.Såg en havsörn i kvällsol
igår,slå det..
Snart går 4m skutan i sjön,6hästars
utombordare därbak-inte ert stuk direkt,men ändå,alltid något..
Flygfisk är det inte tal om,möjligen en ocn annan utlekt

6:27 AM  
Blogger LA Söderberg said...

Håkan,här blåser kalla vårvindar,kan jag intyga.
Såg en havsörm sitta majestätiskt i toppen av en tall
igår-slå det…
Snart går ”skutan” i sjön ,4meters med 6hästars utombordare
därbak.Inte ert stuk direkt,men ändå,alltid något..
Flygfisk är det inte tal om här ,möjligen en eller annan
utlekt gäddmadam../Hälsn.L

4:59 AM  
Blogger Dorian Steele said...

Hi Freedy @ Crew,

Great to be able to read about your passage. Enjoy the rest of it...

Sally is getting bigger by the day.

Hope to see you soon.


5:02 AM  

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