Thursday, June 15, 2006

Chilli for water.

On Monday we hiked to the local waterfall through the jungle on a muddy, slippery, rocky little path that crossed the stream several times. After a while the crossings became a welcome opportunity to cool off. It took two and an half hours to walk to the bottom of the water fall. Very nice cliffs there hiding most of the water fall. It was more like hearing it and feeling the cold drizzling air. From distance along the path there was a good view of the fall though. Beautiful, very high, but not so big. Our water bottle was almost empty due to an unfortunate leak so we felt rather lightheaded from dehydration when we got back after five hours. Later in the afternoon we visited Daniel, who lives with his wife in the bay, to get water. Daniel is well known among Pacific sailors for his hospitality and good water. We gave Daniel a couple of packages of Staggs chilli in return for the water .He showed me a guest book filled with hundreds of names of visiting sailors . I have a total of seven guest books he told me. I asked about the two relatively new pickup trucks on the beach, and if there was a road leading from his bay. Oh no, he said, there is no road connection to the rest of the island. They use the cars to drive along the 500 m of grass road that goes along the stream. The cars came by ship. Daniel and his wife are the only permanent residents here but sometimes as much as ten people stay here. We saw a few of them, moving their lawns and chopping threes. Among the few houses there was a telephone boot and a little chapel with a statue of Maria Magdalena.
In Daniels bay there are 17 yachts, all the same the last three days. I guess we're all waiting for the swells too vane.
Right now Fredrik's baking a cake! It's H�kan today, my names day, something that usually goes by unnoticed. But today it seems like a good reason to make a cake.

May the sun shine on you.
And let there be shaded places for you to hide from it.


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Blogger LA Söderberg said...

Håkan-Daniel verkar vara en "skön"
lirare,2 bilar och 500m väg..
Hade en gång en flickvän
,som bodde på
en gård i fjällen-inga vägar dit-
Manfolket hade lyft in ett par
gammbilar med helikopter-kördes mellan gården och sjön-ca 300m,tror jag,sedan var det utombordare som gällde-
Jag ser paralleller,,,/Hälsn.L
P.S ikväll kan Sveriga vara "rökta"
i VM-Paraguay väntar..D.S

8:18 AM  

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