Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ice cold Hinano and slow internet connection

As you can see, we were finally successful in uploading some pictures to the blog. The internet cafe here is very primitive, and the connection gets really slow at times. We plan to sail to the Anaho Bay on the other side of the island tomorrow morning, and stay there for a few days. A few people have asked what the best way to contact us is, and as long as you keep it to small emails, you can use We got really lucky to be here in Nuku Hiva while the small county fair was going on, it has been really nice to see the locals come out and enjoy themselves. We were joined by another Swedish boat here in the harbor yesterday, a nice couple from Gothenburg, we had drinks with them tonight and they definitely had a story to tell. They sailed in from Vancouver yesterday after been cruising the coast of Alaska for a summer.

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Blogger John F. Hughes said...

Hey, Fred and Hakan!

I haven't looked at your blog for a few days, as I am in London for two weeks on a small job. The pictures are a great addition to the blog. The are very sailor-like in that they show all of the joy of the voyage and none of the hardship. You have really done it very well - both the blog and the voyage.

Please try to keep the blog going, as it is great fun to be with you in Polynesia for a few moments each day.

Best personal regards,

9:14 AM  

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