Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just another day...

God day to U all!

This morning it felt like we've seen enough of Taiohae bay for a while so we set sail for Hakatea bay 5 nm to the west. This short voyage will be remembered for the enormous swells from southeast we encountered. A humble guess is 14 feet high swells, they sure made life interesting for a while. We didn't check the weather for just such a short distance. Not that it had mattered. Hakatea bay is crowded with boats most of them we recognize from Hiva Oa and Taiohae bay. The Norwegian boat Uterus and Interlude III from Australia to mention a couple. The bay is surrounded by steep cliffs, the nearest being some 570 m if my trigonometry and Sextant reading can be trusted. In the morning we will walk up to the local waterfall two km away, The Akuii with 350 m fall height. Today I've started on the rope ladder that we need to get up in the rig to get a good view when sailing the Tuamotos with it's reefs and narrow passages. I must say I long for the clear water and snorkeling that awaits us in Rangiroa. And it's time to do some serious fishing. The last two days we've eaten deep frozen meat filet's imported from Uruguay. I hope You liked the pictures we posted. It will probably be at least another two weeks to the next posting with pictures.

Take care


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