Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nuku Hiva

Some pictures from Nuku Hiva. First a landfall picture and a picture showing the weather, it rained a lot the first two days. The old quay was crowded with dinghies so you had to climb over other dinghies to get ashore. The kids in Nuku Hiva sure know how to amuse themselves, by surfing the local waves in the bay and by jumping from the bridge into the water. Football seems to be big too.
One of the first things we do getting ashore is a trip to the local magasin. Here’s Magasin Larson. Pain riche and cold beer and deep frozen meat from Uruguay were the choice today. Some pictures from a local market by the shore. They sell everything from bananas to expensive cars like new Defenders. A band played and there was some food stands. Nice. Fredrik bought a nice handy crafted walking stick. Good to have when he gets older I guess.


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