Friday, June 09, 2006

Passage- some underway pictures

For the sake of good luck, Maiken and the Pacific Ocean had a toast of this fine Champagne as we left the Californian coast. The second picture shows the GPS plotter with our position marked as a round ring. You can see us getting close to the equator and the white “terra incognita” behind. Here I try to establish our local noon, and the suns declination using the Sextant. And this made it possible for us to find out what we already knew by means of the GPS. But still, interesting! As you can see it wasn’t all hard work making the passage. Here’s Fredrik in the Hammock on foredeck reading a book. And we always kept clean and tidy; you never know when there would be company. Not that we’ve seen any mermaids yet, but still.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GRRRR vilken härligt fantasieggande bild på den nakne badpojken.=)

11:47 AM  

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