Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is Daniels place and the two pickup trucks used on the beach. Another rather typical Marquesian home. Every little village has it’s own telephone booth .It’s warm like in… but the NoNo’s makes you keep some clothes on. Still happy though. Every little village seems to have a chapel as well. This is the waterfall from some distance, best viewed that way. This is some of the boats in Daniels bay, at the back to the left there’s Uterus from Bergen. Very nice people Benjamin and Henrietta.


Anonymous Buzz King said...

How is it that you are able to make this trip? Retired? On vacation? Own the boat so you can do whatever you please? What a fantastic opportunity to simply be alive. Oh, well. If it can't be me I'm glad it's you,
Buzz King

9:09 AM  

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