Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another great day out in the big blue

I had a great time this morning reading all the emails from friends and acquaintances that responded after having read the article in my local hometown newspaper. Please, keep them coming, my sister is doing a great job checking my emails and blog comments and getting them to me via my sailmail email. I promise I will try to respond to each and everyone of them. The wind has been steady from the South for the last 12 hours now, so Maiken is happily sailing along westward. We are currently sailing right past two of the Cook Island, we have no really desire to stop since we have heard from other cruisers that the local conditions make a stop very hard, both the pass to the lagoon, and not much room to anchor. We might try to stop at Bevridge Reef, which is an atoll with no real land over water, just a ring of coral. The boat that is anchored there now, had only great things to say about it, this is where listening to the radio net in the morning is a great asset. The sea has calmed down amazingly quickly from scary high waves to just a nice long swell, this is the result that the wind shifted 90 degrees, which flattened the existing waves down.

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