Sunday, July 02, 2006

Barbaque in Paradise

After a couple of weeks in the states I thought the heat in Tahiti wouldn't be a problem. New York was comfortably hot for walking around Manhattan. California grilled my body to rare-medium. But here in Tahiti even with cool breezes now and then I'm well done. Still I'm perfectly satisfied sitting on top of Maiken, sipping some rum and watching the waves crash into the barrier reef. The trip so far has been flawless with the exception of the flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti. Air New Zealand wouldn't let me board the plane unless I could give them proof from Fredrik that I would sail out with them from Tahiti. I was given the option of buying a return ticket or not going at all. All this just four hours before the plane was leaving. Total panic! After two hours of running around the airport they let me board though. H�kan had a slight problem with something he ate and has been sleeping for most of the day. Everything else here is fine and dandy. The scenery is beautiful here in the pacific and the local girls aren't that bad either. Hopefully we'll get to see some more of the Heiva tomorrow Monday. Oskar over and out.

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