Saturday, July 08, 2006

Easy life in Tahiti

We are still in Tahiti, but we are getting ourselves ready to head out tomorrow for Huahine. We have stocked up on groceries and drinks, and filled our watertanks, the only thing left is to buy tax-free diesel just before we leave. The last few days has been very relaxing and we have contributed a lot to the French Polynesian economy, mostly on cold Hinanos and baguette sandwiches.

We went to the fancy hotel Tahiti Beachcomber Inter-Continental yesterday to see the Grand Ballet de Tahiti, it is free if you have a drink in the very nice bar. I don't know if the blurriness of the pictures are because of the fast moving dancers or the drinking requirement in the bar for the photographer.

We have had tropical rain showers at times during the last few days, it can be a pain, but it makes for a lovely sky


Blogger John F. Hughes said...

Hi, Fred and Crew.

I wanted to be the first commenter on your blog from South America. I am in Bogota, Columbia, this week and I have really enjoyed the pictures from Tahiti. From 2,800 meters up in the Andes, Tahiti looks pretty nice!

It looks like you are continuing to life the good life!

Best regards to all on board and best wishes for a very pleasant passage.


2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must have been the drinks that made the pictures blurry :)
Tahiti looks lovely, glad to hear you are doing fine. Looking forward to see you in the local newspaper today. Have a good day, Im off to the beach, still sunny in Halmstad.
Take care,

1:02 AM  

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