Sunday, July 16, 2006

On the move again

Lat 17 deg 14' Long 154 deg 45' 17.00 local time July 16 2006

We are on the move again, and it feels good. After three days on Bora Bora we set sail for Niue some 1000 nautical miles away. My son Oskar left us after fourteen days and continued his journey around the globe. Next stop Tokyo. Thanks for all the new music and books Oskar, and good luck on your journey! The sea has been "lumpy and bumpy", as they say on the Coconut net, due to changing wind direction and rather strong wind the last days.
The radio controller for the radio net said this morning that he worked on getting the water out of the boat due to breaking seas, all this while managing the net. So I hope for the sea to calm a little bit right now. Until then we'll just keep on rolling.

Take care

So here we are again, things slamming around in the lockers on the boat, the odd wave crashes on the side of the boat sending some books flying. There are times you just don't really appreciate sailing. It is a bit of a shock to go from a calm turquoise lagoon to a steel blue ocean with foam streaming down in the waves. The good thing is that Maiken is performing great, good speed with only the Main with 2nd reef in. We are leaving behind French Polynesia, which has served us well and we are looking forward to new islands and friends. For now it is just to hold on and spend the days reading, listening to some good music, and looking forward to the next meal.

I hope all is great with all my friends and family,

Take care,


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