Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pictures from Fakarava

Closing in on Tahiti at sunrise.

A beautiful Mahi Mahi we caught.

Sailing wing in wing to Tahiti.

Some dancing in a backyard.

A bikeride with Håkan and Martina around the atoll.

Sunset and sunrise on Fakarava.

A few scenes from the village.

There is lots of fish everywhere in the lagoon.

A couple of pictures of the local school.

The village of Rotoava on Fakarava

A small wahoo that we caught on the way over from Marquesas

Maiken is eager to get to her first atoll.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej håkan! ni verkar ju ha det underbart. Allt här hemma är bra, solen och värmen har kommit hit. Vilket passar din underbara lägenhet.

Sköt om er!

MVH Micke och Kristofer

7:59 AM  

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